Monthly Motivations


Well, April is coming to a sunny close here in New York City and with the sun comes my Monthly Motivations. This month was a whirlwind filled with performances, rehearsals, trips, and some serious pondering about choices I have and need to make. These little nuggets I have picked up on the web are going to get me through my last month at age 25, I hope that they offer you the motivation and kick in the pants you may need!

Ciao 🙂

Happy Birthday Cynthia!


As we get older, our friend circles become more scattered. We grow and move from childhood homes, graduate and go to points unknown post graduation, embarking on new adventures sprinkled with spouses and children. Geez, we’re only 25 and some of us have actually gotten to the “start a family” space in this game of Life! But, I digress.

My best friend, Cynthia P. is celebrating her 25th birthday today! And while I may not be with her in St. Thomas, her new home, on this important day, I shall have a French 75 this evening in her honor. As I’ve written in posts past, Cynthia is the epitome of the free spirit to me. She is smart, courageous, and funny with a heart of gold. As with all friendships, we have had some ups and downs, but the ups definitely are too numerous to keep us down for long. Having lived with her for two years and known her for seven, we have definitely grown up together and become some pretty fierce females.

I cannot wait to see her in January, fingers crossed on the beach in the Virgin Islands. But until then, Cynthia I wish you nothing but happiness and fun today! Out do your AC weekend last year, I know you’ve got it in you!

Ciao 🙂

Birthday Weekend!!!


Well, it’s June 6th; let the birthday weekend festivities begin! This year’s festivities will include: working at the office (9-5 of course), followed by Midsummer rehearsal this evening. A first matinee showing of “A Fault in Our Stars”, mani-pedi, and possibly a drink and bbq in Madison Square Park before heading home to bake my French Silk pie (all on Saturday) which I will then serve to friends for my Tony viewing/birthday fete after a long day of selling SdV Designs jewelry in Forest Hills, Queens (on Sunday, the big day). Whoo!

All in all, the only goal I have for the weekend is to be happy and healthy. Surrounded by friends and hearing messages of love from my family near and far, as my 25th birthday goes from sunrise to sunset is the best gift I can receive. For two years straight, my birthday has seen tears, disappointments, and rocky schedules: an invisible boyfriend, weather delays leading to cancelled plane trips and unseen credit charges, and a feeling of overwhelming solitude on a day that should be filled with joy and celebration. Don’t get me wrong, the highs of those days definitely trumped the lows (a friend’s wedding in Chicago, rooftop drinks and karaoke till dawn), but the lows were there, nonetheless, reminding me that life goes on, no matter what day it is. This year I promise to see the silver lining in whatever cloud may come my way Sunday, and cover myself with the umbrella of love, life, and unbreakable joy 🙂

This is my 25th year promise.

IMG_5500 IMG_5501 IMG_5502


“June is Bustin’ Out All Over!”



A new month has arrived and with it my birthday! Only six days away, I am so excited to be hitting 25, the year of no-excuses. I say no-excuses because the middle point in my twenty-something years bears significance that I am really no longer a student. I can comfortably begin referring to myself as a woman, and can embrace all that adulthood has to offer me (loans, bills, rental cars, etc.) I think that’s why I am looking forward to the amazing experience I have gifted for myself this year: a trip to San Diego! A five day trip out to the West Coast, where I’ll be able to plan exactly what it is I want to do without having to worry about making other people happy or comfortable. I’m not going to lie to y’all, it’s a bit daunting, but I think that’s exactly what I need it to be. To be able to stand on my own two feet and have this independent vacation help chart how I wish this next year to go. If I feel like taking a day trip to LA I could, but if I don’t, I won’t. I’m not really making any obligations to anyone, except myself, so the trip is sure to include the beach, baseball, aquarium, shopping, the beach, great food, and maybe even a spa day (if I can find a great groupon.) Renting a bike, or just walking around in La Jolla, there are so many things at my disposal to choose from. Fun stuff! And this train of thinking will benefit me in other ways as well. Even here in New York, there are so many things at my disposal, and with the summer in front of me, I am bubbling with anticipation to see how I will come out of it on the other side 🙂

Come on 25! I am ready for you!


Thursday Thoughts



Let me be honest. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur, between Netflix marathons, a trip or two, hanging with friends and avoiding this blog (haha), the end of April and beginning of May have been a bit of a wash. Yeah sure, I’ve been submitting for auditions and work, as well as garnering a callback or two, but I think it could be safe to say that I haven’t been especially happy. Don’t get me wrong, happiness and joy are two completely different things, and if there wasn’t joy in my heart who knows if I would even be writing this post, but maybe this has a bit to do with the birthday that looms before me. The big 2-5! The age when the last big hurdle is crossed (I get to rent a car free of the additional insurance charge), when high school is truly beginning to fade, and the envious look you gave to recent college grads flooding the D train to Yankee Stadium no longer sneaks across your face. As I wrote last week, 2014 is definitely going to be a year of great change, the beginning of a new era here in the city, new friends on the horizon, and new lessons to be learned or enforced.

I think I fear it. :/

oops, was i not supposed to say that? am i not allowed to admit that i am afraid of the unknown? i mean i look around and my friends and family definitely have more bonafide reasons for this feeling, babies on the way, weddings and marriages to plan and begin, grad school to begin or complete, careers to find and jobs to fall in love with.

what’s big deal for me huh? i guess it’s simply because i have reached a point where i need to stop holding onto my “security blankets.” the friends, places, people, experiences, and patterns i have grown comfortable with. while comfort isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it also urges you to find the next comfort level. time to take the bull by the horns as it were and really leap off the cliff into my new “being.”

I’m just spewing here, because I consider my blog to be a safe place, and if you’re reading this and are either experiencing these same ideas or have just moved past them, feel free to comment below. really interested to get feedback on what you think and how you’ve coped and successfully moved into your new “comfort level.”

Ciao 🙂

Happy Birthday Sheila!!!!!


One of my best friends’ birthdays is this Saturday.

It’s a BIG one, 25!

The final right of passage for your twenties, when you hit the mid-20s and can finally rent a car without the extra insurance charges. hahaha

So, in honor of her special day here’s a gallery of our friendship and note of love to follow on the actual day. Happy 25th birthday, Sheila! If only I were there to celebrate it with you.

IMG_3490 IMG_3493 20131013-213533.jpg

From top: Sheila’s Debutante 2005, Spring Break- Senior Year 2007, Game Day-Senior Year 2006, New Year’s Eve Party into 2008, College Move-In Day at JSU 2007, Top of the Rock- NYC 2013 (her first trip to NYC), Senior Prom 2007 (with Annie), Photo from APAC, and after “Our Town” 2013.