Tuesday Thoughts



there it is again

that feeling that has long been dormant

filling me up again, from the inside out

there’s nothing i can do to stop it now that it has fled its cage.

Like a moth mesmerized by the light

flapping its wings fervently expecting to be warmed by the glowing orb in front of it

To be overcome with the weightlessness of contentment

ecstatic to come face-to-face with the object that will be able to take it higher

soaring into the air

like a bright red balloon released into the heavens

To ride the unpredictable gales and tempests of the sky

Soaring up, up, up

expanding in the marvelous heat

until there is a POP!

That feeling is back again, that wonder is back again

The glow of endless possibilities as encompassing as the ocean is vast

now lives within me again.

Spurring me forward, heating my bosom,

firing my imagination, cooling my self doubts

spiriting my creativity…

The smile you see

that is the physical embodiment of that feeling,

that orb,

that balloon,

and that self-satisfying POP!

The rush is unimaginable

the heart-pumping giddiness is catching

Don’t stand too close!

or else that effervescent ZING will engulf you on the spot!


Father’s Day



There are no words to express the profound connection we have

our twosome will stand the test of time

the laughter shared

the inside jokes used against mom

the deep political and social discussions we have face-to-face and on the phone

the numerous business schemes developed over the years

the soccer games coached

the plays you’ve researched and traveled to

the planned projects at home

the road trips to family vacations, summer jobs, college and apartment move-ins

the unsolicited advice

the original songs written

the hugs divvied out

the strength shown in the hospital room

your stubbornness

your spirit

your intelligence

you business savvy

the movies watched, quoted and rewritten

the methods shared (on dish washing, home improvement, and New York navigation)

all of this is, and so much more

is the love you have wrapped around me and why I am thankful for you everyday.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa

My dad (center) on the 72nd Street crosswalk

My dad (center) on the 72nd Street crosswalk

i love you 🙂

Tuesday Thoughts


i saw a ghost today

at least…

i think i did.

the air suddenly grew thick

like a hot July afternoon in the heart of Jackson.

my muscles were unable to relax

as beads of perspiration clung to my back and neck.

almost, in an instant a wave of memory both real and illusion

flooded my mind as i tried to navigate the now confusing and expansive halls.

i saw a ghost today

at least…

i believe i did

it felt like the shadow of night enveloped all of my surroundings and there was

a beam of moonlight sharpening the focus of he and i.

the radiance of the heavens left a chill on my exposed limbs and face

the creeping spiders of sensations, both past and forgotten, began to travel

down my spine

attempting to awaken so many things hidden and buried

forgotten, but still clear, even while the edges had begun to fade.

i saw a ghost today

at least…

that’s what he’s become to me.

no longer a symbol of all that was:

the hope, trust, faith and confidence of a not-too-distant yesterday

no longer an open-ended question

filled with pregnant guilt and shame


now he is a warning to all who may come after

the cautionary tale that nothing is promised

no matter the drive, focus, or sheer talent and skill.


no one should see the ghost i saw


the ghost i know i saw today

the thick air, the chill from the moonlight’s gaze

i wish upon no one, whether friend or for.

there is so much change occurring in the world around us

our spirits wander this globe fervently in search of one another

wishing to inject joy, love, and magic into each life we touch and see

be the light

see that light

yearn for that light in others.

that way when you cross a ghost’s path,

you won’t be cloaked in their shards of darkness


Monday Musings


One of my favorite poems, I think because not only does it come to mind every spring, but also because I recall the memories of riding with my mother in the car on our drive when she spotted the first buds of spring. (You know the trees, the daffodils, the buttercups…) After the weekend I had, plus the wonderful Monday morning and early afternoon which led me into Central Park, the words of this poem brought a huge smile to my face as I watched a softball game. Hope you enjoy it!

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.




*If you been following me since the beginning you may remember that I quoted this poem once before. If not hop over to the post titled Jazz. 🙂



A single yellow light can summon them

A wary footstep can bring them back to life

One word, one intersection, one name can revive them to their former glory
No matter, the time or place, the ghosts can find you
Celebrating another year of life for a friend
Or going out on a crisp fall evening buzzing with excitement and jubilation
The thoughts and memories buried deep within the depths of your conscience can surface
Flooding your present with the clear remembrances of the past
Panic may set in
A hand will stretch out to any and all who can pull you back to safety
To the steady stream of today
And the reassurances that you have moved forward and wont be caught up in the currents of your personal history
Catch your breath
Walk through these moments with a strong heart and clear mind
Reminding yourself of your strength, endurance, power and self worth
Perhaps having a moment of thanks for the events which have brought you this clarity and understanding
You look left. then right
Confusion occurs when you realize
That the clock has not wound backward and that in fact only a few minutes have passed and the flutter you felt on the back of your neck was only a figment of your imagination…