Two Peas in a Pod


A major reason why I was MIA last month, is because my Dad was in town! We got to spend a long weekend together, visiting museums, eating amazing food, watching great theatre, and having a large slice of home at Stella Adler when my first class of acting students took the stage. I don’t want to gush about how great the visit was, how I had not seen Dad since February, yada yada yada. Instead, I’ll do what I do best, show you in pictures!!!


#AboutLastNight (Thanksgiving Edition)


I love the holidays because it allows you the chance to recognize your blessings. The time to reflect on all that has happened over the last year, and who was with you, to hold your hand, cheer you on, and make you laugh along the way. I was not able to spend Thanksgiving with my blood relatives this year, but spending it with my New York “framily” was just as sweet. Thankful to have friends who gladly opened their door to guests this year. The food was AH-mazing, but the fellowship with old and new friends alike was great! Thanksgiving, once again, opened my eyes to all that has shaped me this year, and it has not been too shabby.

Ciao 🙂



A new month! A new week! A Monday recap of all things fun from the weekend. Since I’m still catching up on blogs that went un-seen last month, this edition of #AboutLastNight features photos not only from Halloween fun, but birthday celebrations for Jason the week before.

Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

Halloween 2014



I had a TON of fun this weekend, celebrating with friends and family alike. Cynthia’s last hurrah in town was Friday, before flying back to St. Thomas, taking in a Broadway show Saturday afternoon, and celebrating my cousin Lauren’s 25th birthday Saturday night. Good times, slightly exhausting, but fun nonetheless. We’re only young once, right? Enjoy the photo diary below, to get a feel for my weekend.

Ciao 🙂

It’s a Family Affair


Hard to believe that it was only two weeks ago when I found myself in Paradise! The Eppes Family Vacation happens every two years on the coast of North Carolina in an area called the Outer Banks (OBX). If you happened to stop by on my week away, you noticed my Instagram feed was filled with sunrises, beach photos, and the like, but not too much of any one thing. That’s because I saved the bulk of my photos for you, my readers!

This first post will feature all of the pictures I managed to take of and with family while away. I hope you enjoy this photo collage, as much as I have enjoyed selecting the photos to post.

#About Last Week


The first week of September brimmed full with countless friendship dates and celebrations. As the transition begins, from summer to fall, many of my friends were either about to say “see you later” or “just dropping in!” So for today’s post, check out this recap, in words and photos, of my pretty full social calendar last week!

Monday September 1st:

Happy Hour Drinks with Kyla (finally back in the city after a summer of work and travel away) and Kathleen (who has been super busy with her new post-grad job and travel, as well). So great to see the gals on the first of the month to catch up, be dumbfounded by the idea that we had basically met 7 years ago this month, and chatted about what to do for Kyla’s birthday on Friday.

Tuesday September 2nd:

Attended a “see ya later” party for my friend Krystina at The Corner Social. I met Krystina during The Messiah Complex I did this past spring and am sad to see her go, to LA, of all places (grrr California keeps taking my friends) to get her acting into full gear. It was great to meet other close friends of hers sorry to see her leave, but definitely supportive of the move and all the great things headed her way.

Wednesday September 3rd:

My calendar listed Wednesday as, “Chloe Day!” in all caps because Chloe was in the city on a quick trip from LA (grrr). I haven’t seen the gal in almost a year and to top it off not only did I get to see her, but Greg and Aidan joined in on the fun. Considering I haven’t seen Greg in almost two years and we both live in the city is outrageous! and Aidan had just come back into town after a summer of theatre in Maine. So good to see them all and we even ended up at Adler for words of wisdom and reflection from Jimmy Tripp, our master Shakespeare professor before parting ways. All in all, a good hump day.

That evening, another “see you later” took place at The Corner Social (it’s a favorite neighborhood spot) with Jason and Chris. Jason is off to do “To Kill A Mockingbird” in Virginia and wanted to have a drink and chat before heading off. So good to see him (why I didn’t take a photo of him I’m not sure) and know he will knock the audience’s socks off, per usual.


Chris and I, at Jason’s see you later.

Friday September 5th:

Kyla’s Birthday was Friday and with it came another opportunity to hang with college friends and have a good time! I got to see Aidan and Kathleen again, finally saw Myles after what seemed like an eternity, Nolan, Trevor and Julia. Good drinks, Trivial Pursuit, Connect Four, walking down NYU memory lane, and making a dance floor in the bar made it a great night! Love them all and so glad I got to see them.

Sunday September 7th:

And last but certainly not least, hung out with AJ out in Brooklyn for a little Sunday football fun. My Saints didn’t get a win this week, but the overstimulation of EVERY game playing in the bar was pretty sweet. Don’t think I could make it an every week kind of practice, but being able to watch all of my fantasy team players live was great all the same.



Maybe I should have titled September, Social September? But all in all, it was great jumpstart to the month before work (yes) takes over my schedule once again.

Have a great Monday!

Ciao 🙂

Harlem Weekend


This last weekend allowed me to truly fall completely in love with my neighborhood! The weather was amazing, almost autumnal. Uptown was alive with an increased hustle and bustle, thanks to Harlem Week, and all of the activities, live music and festivities surrounding it. I was able to hang out with good friends, old and new, and finally get around to some places that were always on my list of things to do!

Nothing beats summer in New York City, everyone is so happy not to be bundled up, quickly moving from place-to-place to keep warm, and the lackadaisical attitude is infectious. Saturday night I got to spend time with Lauren, Brooke and Lindsey at St. Nicholas Park, where we enjoyed a showing of “The Wiz” under the stars. There was such a great vibe, and one of the original cast members of the film was in the audience, and even got up during his part and acted along!

On Sunday, I finally made my way over to the Studio Museum on 125th street, and I think it may become another one of my favorite spots in the city. While it was definitely smaller compared to my other favorite museums on the East Side, that is one of the reasons why I liked it so much. Thanks to the intimacy of the space, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by the amount of art to see, and didn’t feel as if iI was obstructing other people’s views. I was introduced to the works of Charles Gaines, James Van Der Zee, and Bethany Collins. All of the art spurred great conversation between me and the friend who joined me, which is always a good thing!

While I didn’t take many pictures on Sunday, I did manage to spend time in Marcus Garvey park and catch the live performance happening in the amphitheater. A tribute to the “Women of Soul,” three great women came onto the stage accompanied by a 15-piece live band and sang hits by Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. It was a great end to a pretty phenomenal weekend! Summer is fading fast and I’m glad I got to spend the weekend out and about in the fantastic weather with good friends.

Ciao 🙂