“Dancing in September, Never Was a Cloudy Day”


Have we really begun the countdown to fall?

Fashion Week just kicked off on the Upper West Side, school buses are out and about, shuttling children to class, pumpkin EVERYTHING has popped up in every store imaginable, NFL season has officially begun, and Oktoberfest ales and seasonal brews are now on tap in bars and being sold in supermarkets.

Summer is pretty much over, even while the weather is trying to fight it with every ounce it has. (It needs to get the memo soon, I’m ready for sweaters and boots!) Seven years ago, I had just moved into my freshman dorm, wide-eyed and a little intimidated, but now I love the rhythms of this city and the challenges and amazing opportunities it has given me!

Ok, now that the sentimentality is out of the way (lol) time to move on to my monthly goals and aspirations. September will always symbolize new beginnings and as the countdown to the new year begins it’s time to up the ante. This month I will be cranking out a new page and writing series titled “Fall Firsts” which will feature posts, pictures and videos of me wandering around town completing a New York bucket list. Featuring a motley, ragtag bunch of “I should’s,” “it’s on my list’s,” and “i’ve always wanted to do that’s,” September 22- December 21 will be filled with all sorts of activities that will help me welcome and enjoy Fall in all of it’s glory!

The month will also be a time of financial scrutiny, increased work ethic, an acting job or three, having a positive energy and open mind when I tackle my Shakespeare and Rikers Island acting classes (taking the lead in both places and embracing my teaching legacy), and learning to fully embrace the idea that “I’m not perfect, I am just me, and that’s ok!”

As far as the blog goes, look for some new poetry, Wandering Wednesdays a plenty, Adventure Recaps from my Outer Banks vacation, reflections from my Adler classes, and as mentioned above my Fall Firsts (launching Sept 22).

Adieu Summer, you shall be missed!


Autumn, I have your number, you better pick up when I call because we are going to have a real good time. 😉



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