What does it mean to be truly present today?

Turning your phone off, deactivating Facebook, saying Sayonara to technology and just sitting in a room talking? Presence is definitely something I have been thinking about this week whether in my personal life, professional ambitions, or just in general. How are we able to truly cultivate our relationships with one another if there is an ever-“present” other in the room with us? I mean just thinking about it, it was impossible for me to watch the Grammys with just the people in my living room, I felt the need to log on to my Twitter and see what everybody else was thinking and saying instead.

Yea, I get it, technology is a necessary evil ( I wouldn’t be blogging if that weren’t the case) but it also keeps us from truly connecting to each other, making ourselves vulnerable to each others actions and reactions. Why have we become conditioned to look like idiots in public taking selfless for Snapchat and Instagram, but still be too timid to tell a person how we really feel about them or how we treated them without the illuminated phone screen in our hands as a barrier?

Has technology become a crutch? Or is it easier to call it a safety blanket for adults, protecting us all from the unknowns of our lives, the moments that cause us anxiety, unrest, sadness and vulnerability? Am I off the mark? Or is this one of those philosophical questions that will continue to appear as long as people inhabit the earth and continue to make technological advancements?

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3 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Good day;
    Well, 3D-Virtual does affect everything!
    Including people who are physically close to us.
    For example, say spouses are in Roomancer-3D, offline or online via each their own connection. And they are exploring how to re-organize the kitchen, in their real house or appartment. They can experiment each different settings, layouts, placements, and textures, without any costs nor expanses! They are able to see and actually experience “living” or “using” the layouts, the “new” kitchen, and see what needs to be adjusted and how. And so on…

    I think that is a positive exercice or experience they are going throught together.
    They work as partners and each bring their suggestions, trying it, and discuss about it.
    This dynamic does apply to everything. They could go dancing together to a marvelous DanceBar that can only exist in virtual, make friends with people from around the world…

    In all, this brings them closer to each other,
    Which is a good result!

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