they say there is no such thing as time travel

that there is no way to physically travel through space and time, to relive moments from the past

well i guess this they has never taken the 3 train

a mystical talisman that makes the minutes go in reverse and forces the calendar to move back its pages

they were never on the 3 train

which transports you to hazy summers and blizzards in winter

to the first time you held me

or played basketball in the park

to a place where there were only new beginnings and a fresh eye could gaze upon every building and sidewalk with wonder and excitement

if they had taken the 3 train

my shortness of breath

             pangs of anxiety

                      and fears of the sounds, colors, and fragrances  

                               would be understood

the bitter pill i swallowed two years too late

the calm and peace that is shattered when thinking of your face

i wish they had taken the 3 train

so an announcement could be made

to warn me of the emotions that would flood my wounded, fragile heart

briefly tipping me off balance again 

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