2013: The Year of Reunions


Edited May 2017:

I dubbed 2013,  The Year of Reunions for me. Reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in months or years whether here in New York City or around the country I was fortunate to understand the meaning of home and chosen family that year!

January: Elsabeth Mesele (hadn’t seen since ’07 graduation while she spent the year in Ethiopia and now she has traveled cross country to LA); Haley Jones (hadn’t seen since at least Christmas break ’08 known each other since 4th grade); Andrew Keeler and Matt Summers (hadn’t seen Andrew since ’11 did Hangar together and I visited Elon fall of his junior year; met Matt at Elon visit)

 February: Terrance Jones (hadn’t seen since ’11 from our Hangar Lab days, saw him at UPTA in Memphis [old photo]); Bryant Hernandez (hadn’t seen since ’12 when we were both in Ithaca for the second summer in a row, originally met ’11 at Hangar Lab as well [old photo]); Leslie Barker (hadn’t seen since junior year of high school ’10, one of my favorite drama teachers, got brunch in Memphis); Jonathan Hill (hadn’t seen since ’07 when he directed me in last high school production of A Different Drummer, got brunch in Memphis)

March: Sheila Liddell (while I had seen her briefly in February it didn’t count [lol] it was her FIRST trip to NYC!); Jake Goldstein (hadn’t seen since summer ’12 in Ithaca); Chloe Rose (hadn’t seen since some random time in ’12 when she was in NYC, known since college got uber close in Ithaca ’11): Jon Hamel (hadn’t seen since summer ’12, was in the city for Senior Workshops) 

April: Andrew Keeler (again lol but this is the last time he will be included on this page I hope for awhile because he moves to NYC later this summer!!!); Spring (it had been a whole year haha)

May: Roberta, Emmett, Josh, Caitlin, Spencer, Kate, Adam, Chelsea, Zach, Johnny (it was Roberta’s wedding in Jackson and most of the Murrah Crew came out in full force); Denotra and Ashley (hadn’t seen since the last time I was home and could attend church service)

June: Travis Ray and Jonah Ray (hadn’t seen since summer ’10 in Charlotte, attended their wedding ceremony in Chicago); Annie Cleveland (hadn’t seen for exactly one year when she was in New York for the MS in Central Park BBQ which fell after my 23rd birthday); Mia Mcelroy (hadn’t seen since I graduated high school in ’07, now lives in Chicago); Andrew McIntyre (hadn’t seen since January ’11 when he took test headshots for me back home, known since middle school, visited NYC for the first time!); Virginia Schreiber (hadn’t seen since 9th grade, just moved to the city this summer)

July: Lyndsay, Jake, TJ, Jeremy, Jamila, Stephanie,  Ithaca (just spent a fabulous weekend upstate in Ithaca relaxing and rejuvenating with my former coworkers from the Hangar Theatre’s Next Generation summer camp)

August: Andrew and Nolan McIntyre (while Andrew was in the city two months ago this time his twin bro joined us in some awesome New York fun); Khaki Hermann (my college roommate and Adler classmate/costar was in New York for the weekend supporting a friend’s NYC Fringe show, so great to see her and “celebrate” her bday and sing some bway tunes on karaoke night)

September: Frank, Chas, Ava, Lanston,  and Jaxen (went down to Greensboro to see my brother and his expanding brood, my newest nephew Jaxen arrived in August.)

November: The Eppes Family Clan!!! (went to my grandmother’s in Crewe, VA for the Thanksgiving holiday and got to reconnect with a majority of my aunts, uncles and cousins around the dinner table; check out the December 1st post for photos)

 December: Jilia Grassia! (college roomie who happily agreed to be my makeup artist for my recent headshot photo shoot. hadn’t seen her since her nuptials a year and a half ago. her presence definitely was an added bonus that day!)

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